Tax Mitigation Planning for the Twenty Twenties

Baldwin Family Office held its second virtual tax roundtable discussion on Feb 28, 2022 – Eric Meck of Baldwin Family Office and Richard May of RKM Advisors/A Baldwin Company spoke to the topic:

TAX MITIGATION PLANNING FOR THE 2020’S – Helping Clients Keep the Money They Have.

The conversation focused not only on traditional planning but also the use of progressive…think creative….mechanisms to save taxes in a rising rate environment. Fifty clients attended. Tax tips were offered and well received. For the details and to hear the full program, see the link below.

Should you have any questions or should you be interested in a review of your current financial plan, please contact one of the Managing Directors of Baldwin Family Office.

Eric T. Meck, Managing Director, CFO          610-260-1555

Richard K. May, Managing Director             610-696-3689