A Firm Created to Serve Families,
Foundations, and Non-Profit Institutions

Baldwin Management

is a private and independently-owned firm created to serve families, foundations, and non-profit institutions as investment advisors, family office specialists, and financial planners.

Our goal is to provide our clients answers to the challenges of wealth management with a comprehensive array of financial services. These solutions are implemented to relieve individuals and institutions of tasks that could interfere with the full realization of their objectives. This will be accomplished in an atmosphere of total objectivity and confidentiality.

Baldwin has three offices. One located in the heart of West Conshohocken, Pennsylvania in the 1K1 complex, where Baldwin has resided since its inception in 1999. The other offices house RKM – A Baldwin Company and Chester County Asset Management, A Baldwin Company. Both are located in West Chester, Pennsylvania.

Investment Management

Baldwin Investment Management believes your portfolio should be consolidated, monitored, and managed to reach your financial goals. We focus on the management of your assets.

Baldwin uses state-of-the-art technology to follow an equity philosophy of investing in U.S. and foreign-based companies whose market capitalization exceeds $2.5 billion. Our fixed income strategy for our clientele includes both tax-exempt and taxable securities. Baldwin has decades of experience in venture capital, real estate development, and the utilization of various insurance products. We are mindful of the importance of asset allocation and that tax-efficient investing provides enhanced long-term rewards.

Family Office

Baldwin Family Office services are designed to simplify the complexities of wealth management and are as diversified as the clients we represent.

A client choosing the Family Office as their resource for comprehensive wealth management is guaranteed confidentiality and can be assured that every task will be performed efficiently, on time and will reflect the personal style of that client. When representing our clients we are identified as their office staff and act in accordance with our client’s directions. Customized activity reports on all assets are provided on a regular basis, in addition to standard financial reports. All of our services are tailored to meet the unique needs of the individual clients or the charitable foundations we serve. We utilize the latest technology to manage the diverse activities of the various entities maintained for our clients.

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