Merger News 2016

We are pleased to announce that as of the close of 2016, Baldwin Management LLC completed a merger with RKM Advisors, Inc. located in West Chester, PA.

Like Baldwin, RKM manages money for individuals and families as well as performing tax work for them and others. Their services are highly personalized and their philosophy is hallmarked by a “client first” attitude.

Joining us from RKM are founder Richard K. May and his wife Julie May. Richard has had a long and storied career in the investment management business after having earned his AB from Princeton University and his MBA from the University of Michigan. Julie is a tax specialist. She has an AB from Smith College.

Working closely with RKM’s tax clientele is Vanessa L. Geiger. Vanessa, who earned her BA from Millersville University, has many years of experience completing complicated tax returns for the firm’s biggest clients. Assisting Richard with investment management and financial planning work is Gary S. Hess, who received his BS from the Pennsylvania State University and earned a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation in 1993. Finally, Katharine P. Dunlevy, who received her BA from the University of Delaware and her MBA from Florida Institute of Technology, will be joining us and keeping the administrative tasks of RKM and the clients well in hand.

Unlike Baldwin, RKM utilizes mutual funds and ETFs to manage client portfolios. We welcome this different approach to money management, as it adds another “arrow” to Baldwin’s “investment quiver” allowing us to offer clients an alternative to individual security portfolio management.

With this merger, Baldwin has enlarged its money management business and brought a new discipline under “our tent”. We have also added new tax clients and tax preparation talent, which will also burnish the Baldwin business. We are excited about our future and working with our new colleagues.