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Baldwin’s focus of our advice is the management of your assets. We believe that investment portfolio assets should be consolidated, managed, and monitored in order to achieve your financial goals.

Using state-of-the-art technology, coupled with years of investment management experience, we follow an equity philosophy of investing in U.S. and foreign based companies whose market capitalization generally exceeds $2.5 billion. They are industry leaders with superb and proven management teams, who provide innovative and cutting-edge products and research, and whose earnings growth is in excess of their industry peers. We utilize Fundamental, Quantitative, and Technical Analysis to identify those companies who best fit our objectives. Our fixed income strategy for our clientele focuses on short/medium duration bonds, both tax exempt and taxable. Baldwin predominantly uses investment grade securities – but will utilize lower-credit quality bonds if we know the company or municipality well.

For clients who desire exposure to alternative investments, Baldwin has had many years of experience in venture capital, real estate development and the utilization of various insurance products. Alternative investments have played an important role for certain client wealth management strategies.

Portfolios are individually structured to meet the growth and income needs of each client. We are mindful of the importance of asset allocation and that tax efficient investing provides enhanced long-term rewards.


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RKM offers non-discretionary investment supervision of assets. We perform continuous and regular review of investment assets with quarterly reporting, or if preferred, consultations can be arranged on a semi-annual or annual basis.  We can also make allocation suggestions for retirement accounts, so clients can gain a more complete outlook on their finances.

Our portfolios are largely constructed of mutual funds and low cost ETFs.  The process begins with a three to five year time horizon for each investment.  Holdings may be replaced when a better fund is identified, or if a fund begins to underperform relative to its peer group.  RKM is a big proponent of diversification, and most portfolios have a sizable allocation to international funds. 

RKM goes beyond the traditional investment advisor role.  We consult with clients on a variety of matters, from the formation of small businesses to guidance on refinancing a mortgage. We offer experience on a wide range of business and personal financial issues. 

If desired, we will gladly integrate our advisory services with those of other professionals with whom our clients have relationships, including attorneys and insurance professionals.


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Established with the philosophy that corporate managements should have the discipline to share company success with its owners, Chester county Asset Management (CCAM) fashions client portfolios to take advantage of increasing corporate cash flows. Value based and cash flow centric, CCAM, as a result of its investment philosophy, has attracted a client base which is primarily interested in current income and increasing company dividend streams to shareholders in tandem with capital growth.

Headquartered in West Chester, PA, Chester County Asset Management (CCAM) has invested monies for individuals and families for many years. CCAM believes in investing for the longer term – thus its investment philosophy is particularly well suited for intergenerational wealth and wealth transfer.