Baldwin Investment Management has the pleasure of being affiliated with the following companies:


Our mission is to deliver competent objective financial advice to you. Our business model is based on a conflict-free structure so that our financial interests are aligned with those of our clients. Our compensation is limited to a percentage of assets; we receive no other compensation from the sale of any investment product. This model is in contrast to many financial firms that receive commissions when they “sell” investment products. This model gives our clients confidence that our advice is based on what is in their best interest.

We are a boutique firm, serving your unique needs. As a small firm we are able to keep our costs low so that we can profitably serve a small number of high net worth individuals/families. We will remain a small, boutique firm so we can deliver customized financial/investments solutions to a select number of clients.

How this affiliation benefits Baldwin Investment Management Clients? 

By partnering with Lawrence Wealth Management, Baldwin clients can now have a more robust portfolio including expert advice and expansion into Mutual Fund platforms.